Friday, December 4, 2009

Rylee's First Week

Our little Rylee has done so well her first week!

Here's a just a few of her accomplishments:
*Graduated from ventilator to CPAP on her 2nd day (she's only getting a little help to breathe)
*Passed her echo with flying colors (her heart is looking good and working like it should)
*The ultrasound of her head was totally clean (no brain bleeds, yea!)
*She's using mommy's milk to gain weight
(her tummy is working, lots more poopy diapers!)
*No infections (she gets to stop her antibiotics)
*Her feedings are going so well she doesn't need her PICC line anymore! (Less risk for infection)

Other happy moments this week:

*Daddy's first diaper change!
*Mommy's first diaper change
*Grandma and Grandpa Barnes came to visit
(Grandpa wants to know where her socks are!!)
*Grandma Jones came to visit (Can't believe she's soooo tiny!)
*Cousin Danelle got a quick peek
*Held mommy's finger while she slept (Precious!)

Lance and I and little Rylee are all doing well. We just want to say
thank you for all the thoughts and prayers, concerned phone calls, cards/letters, beautiful flowers, words of encouragement, and for everyone's willingness to help however they can!
We appreciate all that you've done and we love you all. Thank you so much!!

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  1. Lexie & Lance,
    We are so happy that Rylee is doing so well. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. We were excited to see a post on your blog. Rylee is such a doll...congrats you guys.

    Randy, Lisa & Reagan