Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Rylee has been home for 2 weeks now, and the 3 of us are settling in to our new routine. Rylee has done VERY well. She’s eating really well, sleeping most of the time, and overall has continued to be the same easy-going girl she’s been from day one!

She had her first check-up with our pediatrician 2 days after she came home, and everything seems to be going really well. She has to be on oxygen for the time being. Her doctor says she could be off of it in a couple weeks, or she could need it for several months. She was measured and weighed, and she posted some pretty good numbers. Rylee was an even 6 lbs and was 18 inches long. A week later we took her in to be weighed and she had gained another 8 1/2 ounces! I think she might have been close to 8 lbs if she’d been able to take it easy and finish growing in her mama’s tummy instead of doing it the hard way!

Lance and I are still figuring out what works best for both of us as far as taking turns with Rylee, but I think we’ve narrowed down a schedule that lets both of us get the sleep we need, and gives us both a little one on one time with our little sweetheart! Overall, the first 2 weeks have been a success (not easy, but definitely worth it)!

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