Friday, April 2, 2010

Lance’s Trip to Greece

Lance recently had the opportunity to take a business trip to Greece over his spring break. Aside from the long hours of travel, and a serious case of jet lag, he had a really good time. When he wasn’t working, he had the chance to visit some pretty amazing tourist attractions in Athens, and enjoy some real authentic Greek food! Lance had his own personal “tour guide” (a woman who worked for the company in Athens), and some very hospitable dinner companions (the boss and her husband).


Picture 049 

Lance and his dinner companions. They took him out every night and made sure he tried all the right foods.


Picture 001

The Amphitheatre . . .


Picture 004

More of the Amphitheatre


Picture 006

The Parthenon


Picture 009

Lance standing in front of the Parthenon


Picture 010

Overlooking Athens


Picture 012

More ruins, Lance isn’t sure what they’re called (:


Picture 016

                   One of the super yachts in the port               where Lance was working.


Picture 023

The view from Lance’s hotel.


Picture 026

More of the port.


Picture 038



Picture 040

The VERY narrow streets of Athens.


Picture 043

The lights of Athens.

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