Monday, June 7, 2010

Lance’s European Tour

Well, Lance just got back from yet another week-long business trip to Europe. This time he got to see a little bit of everything. A lay-over in Rome, a couple of days in Barcelona, Vigo, Genoa, and a flight home from Frankfurt. It sounds like a lot more fun than it really was. Lots of time spent traveling between cities and countries, working, and a few stolen hours to see the sights. Let’s just say, we are ALL glad he’s back home!!

Here are a few pictures he took in his “free time” . . .

Rylee Ultrasound 028

Victory Arch in Genoa Italy, built a little prematurely during World War II.


Rylee Ultrasound 083

There are 3 ships depicted in the garden in the background celebrating Christopher Columbus.

Rylee Ultrasound 087 

Rylee Ultrasound 005

Some of the original defensive walls built around Genoa.

Rylee Ultrasound 014

Christopher Columbus’ house and some of the defensive wall in the background.

Rylee Ultrasound 055

Rylee Ultrasound 019

One of their classical government buildings.  Nice touch of Fascism.

Rylee Ultrasound 020

Rylee Ultrasound 048

A church

Rylee Ultrasound 070

Another church.

Rylee Ultrasound 025

Rylee Ultrasound 093

The train station.

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