Sunday, October 3, 2010

Barnes Family Reunion

Over Labor Day weekend, Lance’s aunt and uncle planned a really nice family get-together at their home in Idaho Falls. Everyone had so much fun! They had all kinds of activities planned for everyone: an inflatable jump house, home-made “train-ride”, and bracelet-making for the little girls and for the ladies, some wonderful game involving lots of candy and chocolate, delicious home-cooked food and desserts, and a nice little family roundtable where the all the aunts took turns sharing what their children and grandchildren had been up to over the last year. Lance and I truly enjoyed spending time laughing and catching up with everyone, hopefully it will become a Barnes Family Tradition!!! THANKS AGAIN TO THE COLLINGS!!

This awesome train-ride kept all the kiddos entertained all day long, courtesy of Uncle Brad!

He made it himself, just one of his many projects.


_DSC1191 _DSC1193 _DSC1195 

As you may have noticed, many of the little girls also played dress up, aren’t they adorable?

_DSC1186 _DSC1185

Family Roundtable


Deanne tells her family story, including how Uncle Brad is still “feeding the sheep”.

(We found out later that he actually has a contract to provide feed for the elk in Jackson, among other things. Brad was glad to know his wife took such a great interest in what he does for a living!!)



Uncle Jeff pays close attention as his wife, Marilee, tells all about events for their family over the last year, broken bones, weddings, expecting mama’s and all.(:


Sherry busted out a list for her “sharing time”!

It was such a busy year (thanks in large part to Lance, Rylee, and me), that she didn’t want to leave anything out!


It really was big year:

I started a new job, got pregnant, Lance and I got the Swine Flu, built our first home, had our beautiful miracle baby 3 months early (recovered from a C-section), Lance graduated, and I had my appendix out! Whew!

Amidst all of that chaos, Brett broke his hand showing his son’s baseball team how to hustle, Brady and Cindy had their first baby girl, and Angie and John baptized their little boy!!!


And Allison told everyone all about their trip to Cooperstown, Paige surviving her first week at BYU,

and Bowen needing a little help with the ladies! Yeah right!! Poor Bowen):




All in all, it was a wonderful day! 

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