Monday, October 4, 2010

Blessing Dress

It’s been a little over 2 months since Rylee was blessed, and I’ve finally gotten around to posting her sweet little pictures!!!

_DSC1277 copy

Rylee’s cousins Addi and Liv wore the same dress when they were blessed and when they went to the temple. They all looked like little angels in this dress! Thanks to Auntie Erika for letting us borrow it.

_DSC1256 copy

Lance and I tried really hard to get her to smile like she did the day she was blessed, without much luck!

Rylee made a big impression on everyone in the blessing circle that day. Most tiny babies do pretty good, some fuss or cry a little. Lance and I were both a little nervous that because Rylee was 8 months old she might get scared and cry, or try and grab the microphone. We were way off! Instead, so I’m told, she looked up at everyone with a big grin and smiled through the whole thing! Her Grandpa Barnes and Great-Grandpa Cammack still talk about it, and rank it as the best baby blessing of all time! Rylee really set the bar high that day!

_DSC1255 copy

Also, a little update on what “stinker 1” has been up to(as Lance affectionately calls her):

Rylee has begun the super-fun teething process, and now boasts one and a half teeth! She’s been a real trooper, a little more cranky than normal, but still sleeping through the night! (Bless her heart)

Rylee has been getting better and better at sitting up with less and less help. She now enjoys spending time in her big girl chair, watching mommy do dishes, cook dinner, and Rylee even eats her baby food in her big girl chair!



She has gotten very good at rolling over, and seems to make her way around pretty well. She occasionally finds herself in a tight spot requiring rescue from mom or dad (usually crammed sideways up against the couch).

Rylee has also shown great interest in learning to crawl, and we know it won’t be long! For now she just rocks back and forth on her tummy, and occasionally pulls her knees up under her. No hurry Rylee, take your time, REALLY!

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  1. Did you know that Addi wore that same dress too- for her blessing and temple day :) I guess "Stinker #2" can wear it too- assuming it's another girlie stinker!