Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Little Honeybee!!!

Rylee was the cutest little bee for her first Halloween, and although these pictures show a pretty happy girl, our trial run with the costume didn’t go over so smoothly. The Friday before Halloween, Lance and I planned on taking her to “Boo at the Zoo” at Tautphaus Park. We stopped at my mom’s for the wardrobe change, and were met by the BIGGEST hissy fit we’ve ever seen from our sweet little angel!! Lots of driving and a missed nap= grumpy Rylee. Needless to say, we skipped the zoo that night (or it might have been renamed boo-hoo at the zoo!) The next evening we braved the costume again and were met with success. Very little fuss, and a few smiles for the camera!! Yeah!!

Rylee and cousin Jaycie . . .


“Flight of the Bumblebee” . . .





Having fun with Grandma and Grandpa Barnes . . .






Just Chillin’ With Daddy                                                        (and gnawing on her fingers, yep more teeth on the way!)


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