Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You’ve Had A Birthday, Shout Hooray!!!

Rylee Celebrated her 1st Birthday on Thanksgiving this year, and boy did we have reason to be thankful! She has been such a wonderful blessing in our home, and this last year, while it’s definitely had its low points, has been the BEST year ever! Rylee literally makes us smile from the moment she wakes up in the morning, until she reluctantly closes those beautiful blue eyes at night.

Since her birthday was on Thanksgiving and my whole family would already be together, we decided to open presents at grandma’s house ON her birthday, but to save the birthday cake and singing for another day later the next week. Rylee got lots of nice presents from both sets of grandparents, her Aunts Brittney and Cindy (and her cousins Marley, Bentley, and Jaycie), and of course from dear old mom and dad. Her favorite gifts were her farm set and her little stuffed puppy that sings and talks to her.



As for the cake party later the next week, she wasn’t too sure what she was supposed to do! Things started out pretty serious, until Lance showed her how to dig in and make a mess, and she checked with mommy that it was OK!

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